My Experience with Adult Acne

At the age of 22, following my college graduation, I noticed I started to break in ways I never had before. I noticed large nodules popping up along my jawline, on my cheekbones, and all over my cheeks which had never happened before. In the past, I suffered from a mild form of acne but it was never the kind of acne that hurt. That was definitely not the case for the most recent type of acne I was faced with. Large red bumps would come to the surface and were so painful I would cringe applying moisturizer and my makeup. I began to analyze in great detail the ingredients in my skincare but was confused because those products had always given me great results. At this point, I began to analyze my diet but once again could not find anything that would trigger such a large breakout. After a month of desperation, I decided to try aloe vera on my skin in an attempt to soothe my inflamed skin. Every single night I would slather my face with the gel from a fresh stem of aloe and would go to sleep with it. In the morning, I would wash my face with a gentle cleanser, moisturize, and apply sunscreen. Over the course of a few weeks, I began to notice a dramatic difference in my skin and felt so overjoyed to have found something that worked. I stuck to my routine of applying aloe to my face every night for about 2 years until one day it just stopped working.

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