About Me

Hi there!

My name is Celeste Meza and welcome to Life at the Mesa!  I am 24 years old and a recent graduate of California State University, Fullerton. My educational background is in Health Science as it pertains to health promotion and disease prevention. I received my Bachelor of Science in May of 2017 and am in the process of furthering my education in pursuit of a Master of Public Health and the accreditation to become a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Life at the Mesa is a health & wellness blog I created in an effort to share my knowledge of nutrition as it pertains to your health. The name Life at the Mesa was recommended by one of my good friends and I felt the name fit so well as my name is pronounced mesa and in English, mesa translates to “table”. Growing up, so many important conversations took place around the dining table that covered a variety of topics. My parents always discussed everything with me in order to make me better informed so that I would make better decisions relating to whatever aspect of my life their advice applied which is the same approach I wish to take with this blog.

I want to show you how fulfilling and rewarding a healthy lifestyle can be by educating you on all the different things that can impact your health. I’m a huge foodie and believe that a healthy meal shouldn’t compromise your taste buds and budget. Not only do I want to educate you on factors that can influence your physical health, but also those that influence your mental and emotional as well. Whatever your health and wellness goals are, I want to help you achieve them by providing you with all the resources you need to make an informed decision about your health.

Teaching others how to live their best life through lifestyle changes is my passion. In my sophomore year of my undergraduate, I began an internship with a registered dietitian that completely changed my life. In my time as an intern, I learned how important lifestyle choices are in living a healthy lifestyle. I was amazed by how little people knew about nutrition, including myself, and felt compelled to share my knowledge with the world. After years of contemplating (literally, like 3 years), I finally took the plunge and here we are! It’s time to raise your standards about the self-care practices you put into effect and realize that you and your health are worth so much more.